Threads offers one off workshops (2-3 hours) and evening classes (series of 6 weekly workshops): indigo dyeing, card making, cushion covers and pencil cases. Evening classes will take attendees through a selection of skills to produce a final product on week 6. Workshops will have materials prepared to ensure aim is achieved. 

Tailor made and affordable

We are happy to take bookings for workshops if there is one in particular you would like. We prefer to deliver workshops for a minimum of 8 people, so operate a waiting list system. Workshops usually take place in Newham or Southwark boroughs but are open to travel. 

If you would like to book a workshop for you and a groups of friends, do contact us as we can tailor our workshop to fit your needs.

Threads is keen that workshops are affordable to all and is currently applying for funding to deliver local community workshops. Watch this space for details!

Contact us directly if you wish to book a workshop or want to be informed of one upcoming, either by emailing or DM us via Twitter or Instagram.

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