Threads loves to make! Whether it’s sewing, card-making, indigo dyeing, food or knitting. We get excited about what we all make. As a core team, we have met for card making, sewing workshops, making pencil cases, cushion covers, bags and silk flowers. 

Threads has developed formats for workshops which we hope others will enjoy as much as we have. We sell the items we make either privately, by word of mouth or at craft fairs or markets. 

Where possible, we use scrap/end of roll fabric. We source our fabric at charity shops, use end of line materials, or what we or friends have. We keep waste to a minimum. The planet is important to us. 


Threads is keen to provide opportunities and support for individuals to come together, to develop and share skills in crafting/handiwork and producing food, to nourish others, enhancing their lives and sense of community. 

Threads is already a small community. We are connected through existing relationships, although we didn’t all know everybody at first! That’s how communities grow, right? Our aim is that Threads becomes a place for the wider community – where individuals can come together and benefit from spending time with others whilst learning a new skill.

Threads creates a safe, warm, welcoming environment, usually with food and always with resources to make something. We hope in some small way to nurture community cohesion and build social capital. We intend for our workshops to be accessible to all and hope that everyone can feel good about themselves by connecting with others and making something!


At Threads, we share what we have. Everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and to say how Threads can be run. We make decisions together. From the first sales we made, we divided the profit between us. We believe in co-operative values (self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity, honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others).

We share the skills that we have and the materials we have. We want to share these skills and the products we make with others. The Threads core team meet and make together as a community. The aim is to be paid fairly and valued for the work we do. The core team are keen to create an ethical and values based business that provides decent and fair work for them and the local community. Threads is keen to deliver affordable workshops, accessible to all.