'We love to make things together, sharing our skills and celebrating our diversity'

About Us

Threads is a cooperative in the making. Threads is made up of a small core team of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have a lot in common. We have been meeting together since Autumn 2018 to share craft and cookery skills. Each of us has learnt a lot and gained skills – we feel part of this small community.

Threads is more than our core team. We are keen that others can be part of the Threads community. We know that there are many benefits to making items. In a fast world, it means that we slow down. It’s good for our emotional and mental wellbeing. There is satisfaction in seeing a finished product which we made ourselves. The core team get very excited about fabrics, card designs and food! We always eat together. We hope others can too. We want to share what we have by offering a range of craft workshops and items for sale. 

Threads is currently developing its work. We are at an early stage in our journey. We have plenty of ideas and really want to share these with others through one off workshops, evening classes and more items for sale.

Threads core team:

Mobina is multi-talented and has high standards for herself and the rest of us with all things sewn. She also makes her own beautiful clothes.

Ghazal is an artist in her own right. She is in charge of all things indigo. She also makes incredible quilts and patchwork items. 

Samira feeds us, treats us to Sudanese coffee and sews. She doesn’t like to be idle so has generally done a bit of everything. 

Noelene likes things that are presented and finished well. She makes beautiful cards and gift tags, letting the rest of us share her gadgets and resources.

Janet has helped to shape Threads in its early stage. She has been willing to get stuck in to whatever we do together. She has also passed her sewing skills onto her young children.

Cathy came up with the original idea for Threads. She is passionate about community and empowerment, as well as food and craft.

Each of us plays a unique role, but together we are Threads and have collaborated to produce plenty of handmade items, run workshops and generally really enjoyed ourselves.